How did the Hours software help Skano Furniture Factory OÜ save a significant amount of work time?

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How did the Hours software help Skano Furniture Factory OÜ save a significant amount of work time?

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Mihkel Männamaa

Skano Furniture Factory OÜ, the proud successor of the historical company Viisnurk AS, is known for its luxurious furniture series produced in their factory located in the city of Pärnu. Their range includes the unique modular shelving system Skano Classic, which has roots dating back to the 19th century. Skano’s goal is to offer customers the best and most flexible solutions for home furnishing, combining modern technology with the soul of handcrafted furniture.

At the end of 2021, Skano’s new production building was completed in Pärnu, which meant reviewing new work processes and systems. Installing the Hours work time tracking software in the new production building played a significant role in optimizing Skano’s production processes, bringing about considerable time savings and more accurate accounting, partly thanks to the interface with the G4S access control system, which ensures automatic and precise time registration.

Production Manager’s Efficiency Increase: Before and After the Implementation of Hours Software

Before the Implementation of Hours Software

The production manager faced a daily challenge regarding work time accounting at Skano Furniture Factory Oy. In the previous system, employees’ work hours were manually recorded – generally, 8 hours were automatically written in a table, regardless of the actual working hours of the employee. This meant that the work time data might not reflect the real situation if employees arrived late or left early, which in turn affected the accuracy of work time accounting and payroll.

After the Implementation of Hours Software

The production manager’s days at Skano Furniture Factory OÜ have become more efficient after the introduction of Hours software. The transition from an imprecise and time-consuming Excel-based system of work time tables to Hours software has brought not only greater accuracy in work time accounting but also a significant increase in employee productivity. Recording precise start and end times has given the production manager a clear overview of the actual work time, allowing for better organization of staff work. This has led to a situation where more work can now be done in the same amount of time, optimizing the efficiency of the entire production.

Accountant’s Perspective: Accuracy and Integrability are Key

Before the Implementation of Hours Software

The accountant Anu spent a significant part of her work time checking Excel tables and reviewing leave applications to ensure the accuracy of work hours and holiday data. All discrepancies in work hours had to be resolved in collaboration with the masters, which was often time-consuming.

Thanks to the Hours software, the accuracy of data and speed of processing have dramatically improved. Ease of use and always helpful customer support have made the accountant’s job much smoother. The biggest change has been the integration with the Merit payroll system, which allows for quick and error-free transfer of data directly to the Merit payroll system, making the payroll process even more efficient.

The accountant recommends the Hours software to other companies, especially Excel users, as it offers a smooth transition and better data management, essential in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Skilled Worker’s Perspective: Smart Time Tracking on Every Device

Skilled workers at Skano Furniture Factory Oy enjoy the flexibility and convenience of the Hours software, mainly using smartphones to view and track work hours. “Thanks to the Hours app for both Android and iOS, my hours are always accessible, whether I’m using an Apple or Android device,” shares a skilled worker. At home, they prefer to review work hours through the larger screen of a computer.

Additionally, Skano Furniture Factory has integrated the Hours software with the G4S access control system, which is very convenient for employees. Thanks to this interface, work hours are automatically registered without the need to register at a terminal. “When I arrive at work, I don’t have to worry about marking the time; the system takes care of everything, and my hours are accurately recorded,” praises the worker.

Learn more about Skano here: 👉👉👉 https://skano.com

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