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Leave annoying timesheets to the past. Try the Hours recording of work time programme for three months on us and be convinced that using it is convenient for you and your employees.

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Time is Money. Hours will save you both

Do you want to avoid a needless loss of time when recording working time? Choose a convenient and smart way to manage work hours.

Normal user 4,99€/month
Admin account 6,99€/month
Login terminal rent 30€/month
Login terminal installation/removal 35€/h
User training 35€/h
NFC chip 1,50€/pc
Data recovery 70€/h

Avoid problems with assembling and reprinting worksheets

View digital timesheets on your computer, tablet or smartphone. All you need is an internet connection.

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Renovera Mitt AB

With Hours working hours, I get a quick overview of the working hours of the whole team. You no longer have to wait for employees’ timesheets and check them manually. Payroll costs have decreased significantly.

EcoUp OY

Hours work time accounting software is a great tool for everyday work. The program provides a very good overview of working hours, employee contracts and much more.

MM Kodit OY

Hours is a great tool for a company operating in Finland. All workers’ documents can be easily found and quickly transmitted to the site.