Hours, stress-free time management!

Hours is the easy-to-use time tracking software tailored to your company’s needs. Hours simplifies payroll and work hour calculations by accounting for per diems, vacation days, sick leave, overtime, and national holidays. Our solution offers convenient login terminals, door card integrations with leading providers (such as Inner Range), and GPS positioning for enhanced security and accuracy. Obtain comprehensive time tracking reports effortlessly with just a few clicks. Discover how Hours can transform your business’s time management today.


Time is money.
Hours will save you both

Choose the convenient and smart way. Web-based time tracking reduces your business costs and increases efficiency!


How does the software work?

  • With a smart device (iOS, Android app)
  • Login with terminals (with NFC cards)
  • Using a computer
  • Access systems (Inner Range, G4S)
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Why hours?

Clear overviews

Mobile friendly

A modern solution

Works where you are

Avoid the headache of collecting and re-entering working time data into different programs.

View digital timesheets on your computer, tablet or smartphone. The report you need at the click of a button – job-based, project-based or location-based.