Who is Hours meant for?

Hours is the right solution for companies of all sizes. Simple and effective time tracking software that gives an instant, accurate overview. Using the system only requires an Internet connection and access to a web browser. The work hours input is immediately visible to the main user making it possible to quickly reorganise work if necessary.


Web application

Data on employees and hours worked are always available and can be taken immediately. Forward them to your accountant or project manager with just a few clicks. With just one click, you can get a comprehensive report with analysis – by person, by object, by project and by type of work. This allows you to quickly reschedule your work if necessary.


Smartphone app (iOS and Android)

The ideal solution for tracking the time of your mobile workforce.

Hours helps you track the working hours of your employees, even in the field. You can get real-time information on arrivals and departures to and from sites, as well as hours worked, tasks and jobs – workers can add pictures, comments and notifications. The system also allows you to track GPS coordinates, helping you to find out where a worker actually started and finished work.

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Login terminal

A login terminal is a great solution for businesses where the majority of employees are located in one place, whether permanent, such as a manufacturing plant, or temporary, such as a construction site. The terminals are easy to install, are always online and allow log-in and log-out with an NFC card. If necessary, employee data can be entered, edited or commented on remotely using a PC and a smart device. For example, it is possible to comment on the progress of work, add work-related photos and expense cheques. The advantage over spreadsheets is precisely that there are no errors, omissions or accidental duplication of files in the final report.

The terminals are easy to install, requiring only power and internet connection.


Access systems integration

The Hours program can be integrated with an existing access system, providing a quick and convenient overview of what is happening on the territory. There is a real-time overview of the presence of staff and the movement between different sections.. The software records all movements on the territory, giving an overview of actual working time statistics. The collected data can be conveniently processed and, if necessary, transferred to other softwares.

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Hours can be interfaced with Merit Palk software for use in Estonia and with Netvisor software in Finland. With the help of the interface, payroll is easy and fast – confirmed data about working hours is sent to the payroll program and wages are calculated automatically.

Hours API – According to the needs of your company, we can make special interfaces with which various data can be processed and forwarded to other software. To get these interfaces, contact us at info@hours.ee and we will find a suitable solution.


Convenient working time tracking and reporting

Save time and money with web-based software that gives you an accurate overview of your employees’ working hours.