Next-generation time tracking: Beacon and Gateway systems in Hours.ee software

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Next-generation time tracking: Beacon and Gateway systems in Hours.ee software

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Mihkel Männamaa

Time tracking is the key to company success, helping managers understand how to most efficiently use employee time. Today, however, simply counting hours is no longer sufficient – companies need a system capable of tracking where and when work occurs. This is where Hours.ee comes into play, in conjunction with Beacon and Gateway systems, which enable time tracking in a predetermined territory or building.

What are Beacon and Gateway systems?

Beacon and Gateway systems are two innovative technologies that enable real-time location-based time tracking in specific locations.

A Beacon is a small Bluetooth device that constantly sends radio signals within a short range. These signals are received by, for example, smartphones or other Beacon devices, and hence know that they are near a Beacon.

A Gateway, on the other hand, is a device that allows data transmission between different networks and devices. The Gateway is like a “gate” that connects different networks and devices, allowing data to move freely.

How do Beacon and Gateway systems work with Hours software?

Beacon and Gateway systems are integrated into Hours.ee time tracking software through our trusted partners. When an employee enters the Beacon’s coverage area in a designated territory or building, the Beacon sends a signal to the employee’s device. The employee’s device then sends the signal to the Gateway, which in turn sends the information to Hours.ee software. In this way, the software knows when and where the employee started work.

What are the advantages of Beacon and Gateway systems in Hours.ee software?

Automatic time tracking: Thanks to Beacon and Gateway systems, Hours.ee can automatically track employees’ working hours in a designated territory or building. Employees do not have to worry about whether they are logged in or out – the system does this work for them.

Location-based tracking: With Beacon and Gateway systems, Hours.ee can track employees’ location in real time, but only within a company-designated territory or building. This means that you can see when an employee arrived at work, when they left, and when they performed a specific task.

Increasing efficiency: Since Beacon and Gateway systems enable real-time tracking of where and when work is performed, you can better plan and manage your resources.

Fewer human errors: With the use of Beacon and Gateway systems, the number of errors made by employees is reduced, as all data is collected and processed automatically.

Improved employee experience: Employees can focus on their work, knowing that the software takes care of their time tracking within the designated territory or building. This reduces stress and improves the overall work experience.

Thanks to Beacon and Gateway systems, Hours.ee time tracking software is capable of offering truly next-level time tracking, tailored to your company’s needs.

In conclusion, integrating Hours Beacon and Gateway systems opens new possibilities for time tracking, making the process more precise, efficient, and employee-friendly. Are you ready to take your company’s time tracking to the next level? Hours.ee is here to help you achieve this.

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