Hours - time tracking software

makes you a master manager of work hours, contracts and data.

Time doesn’t stopDo you want to avoid a needless loss of time when recording working time? Choose a convenient and smart way to manage work hours and contracts.


Recorded hours are immediately visible to the main user who can quickly reschedule work organisation, if necessary.


By breaking activities down into different work types, workers can quickly record work hours. The system will automatically notify you if someone's work hours exceed the desired limit.


All Hours possibilities can be used wherever you are. All you need is a smart device and access to the Internet.


On workdays your questions will be responded to in real time. Messages sent on the weekend will usually receive a response within 24 hours.

Who is Hours meant for?

Hours is suitable for all company sizes where it is not sensible to use complex and expensive work processes and work time planning software solutions.

Many such companies still use spreadsheet programmes or even booklets. Initially we created the software for the construction field, but currently the system has been developed such that it can be used in many fields where recording the number of worked hours in a workday is important.

The system has been developed foremostly considering the Estonian and Finnish legislation and its advantage is that all of the application’s possibilities can be used by paying one fixed monthly fee.


How does the software work?

Workers can record their work hours via smart devices or a computer, as well as by using NFC cards such as the compulsory valttikortti or token ring found at every construction site in Finland.

A special contact box is installed at the work site for using the card for recording, which allows the worker, among others, to use the box’s touchscreen to choose the work type which the worker will begin to perform

If necessary, the worker data can be entered, changed or commented from distance using a computer or smart device. For example, it is possible to comment the work flow, add pictures and invoices relevant to the work. The advantage over various spreadsheets is that the final report will not contain faults, omissions or accidentally duplicated files.

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Hours possibilities

  • Recording of work time
  • Archiving of worker data
  • Saving work relevant information and documents
  • It is possible to make summaries based on work processes or workers
  • Differentiates work types
  • Gives the employer the opportunity to follow work processes in real time
  • Can be used with NFC cards and token rings
  • A good way to save money for all company sizes where recording work hours is important

What clients saySee what people think about the Hours work hour recording programme.

The Hours work time recorder gives me a quick overview of the work hours of the whole team. There is no longer the need to wait for someone to send their timesheets and manually check them.

Hours recording of work time software is a superb aid in every day work. Hours provides a very good overview of the working hours, employee contracts and many other things.

Ilari Hirvensalo

Eko Expert KH OY

A great accessory for a company operating in Finland. All employee related documents are easily found and quickly forwardable to the work site.

Mirgo Männamaa

HKI Laatutalot OY